The role of costume model props in the window

Time:2021-03-29 10:18:36

In clothing stores, we generally can see clothing model props. It is a more intuitive place to show clothing. It can make customers interested in clothing products and guide customers into the store. What are the roles of costume model props in the window? If you want to understand the content, please quickly analyze it with Robben Costume Model Props Co., Ltd.!

1. Be eye-catching. In order to attract more customers and facilitate viewing and purchase, clothing stores will flexibly select costume models and props according to the characteristics of the clothing to display positions, display spaces, display positions, and stacking methods, etc., to make customers more It's clear at a glance.

2. A sense of richness. Customers will have more choices when buying, so that they can compare their quality, style, color and price more seriously. When furnishing, the clothes will be more tidy and orderly, and the goods will be more complete, so that customers feel that there is more room for selection, and the flow of people in the store will be a little bit larger.

3. Clarification. The various clarification materials of the costume model props, such as prices, article numbers, fabrics and brand origin, should be more comprehensive and true for customers to fully understand.

4. Rationalization, according to customers' psychological requirements and shopping habits, for the same type or series of clothing model props should be displayed in the same location. The height of the furnishings should be appropriate, so that customers can see them at a glance, and improve the visibility and positive visual effects of the clothing.

5. Artistic beauty. The furnishings of costume models and props should adhere to the premise of independent beauty of the costumes. Through artistic modeling, the costumes are wonderfully arranged and reflect each other, so as to achieve the artistic effect of the overall beauty. The displayed bibimbap must be novel and unique, and the idea must be wonderful, and there must be an unstoppable temptation for customers. Exquisite certain aesthetic criteria, beautiful, generous, well-proportioned and coordinated, if you use some accessories, etc., make full use of artistic techniques to show the beauty of clothing.

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