Robben costume model props

Robben costume model props

About us

Huaining Luoben Costume Model Props Co., Ltd. was established on March 21, 2014 with a registered capital of 3 million. It is a company specializing in costume models and props in Anqing City, Anhui Province. The company's products are mainly based on "Tiangong" as its core brand.

Since its inception, Tiangongtai has been committed to creating high-quality, beautiful lines, and high-accuracy tailoring of garment patterns. The main model is covered with high-quality cotton cloth, and it is convenient for users to use diagonal pins. The internal material is resin fiberglass, which is resistant to high temperature and is not easy to deform, and has small dimensional errors. It is widely used in teaching, board room plate making, exhibition shooting, etc. Including half-length and full-body models, detachable assembly, base bracket can be matched with a variety of styles and models, factory direct sales, cost-effective, can be customized. Our service tenet is to provide customers with perfect products, high-end technical support, and sound after-sales service.

Company philosophy

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Huaining Robben Costume Model Props Co., Ltd.


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